Ambient occlusion to its previous setting

I am looking for advice on ambient occlusion when creating a room.

In my previous setup, the corners of the room were sharp.
With the new Shapespark, I feel the ambient occlusion is too strong.

Ambirnt occlusion
Factor: 0.5
Distance: 0.5
*I had set this value so that the light would be brighter without the placement of lighting.

The new setting was to enter the following values.
Ambient light
Strength: 0.5 (I determined that this was the factor part before the change)
Ambirnt occlusion
Distance: 0.5 (I determined it was the Distance portion before the change)
Intensitry: 0

I would like to know what numerical settings should be used in the new Shapespark to achieve the same effect.

I look forward to your response.
Best regards.

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Hi there!

By too strong, do you mean ambient light intensity (too bright) or occlusion intensity (too dark in corners)?

We have introduced changes to ambient occlusion to allow more flexibility and range of intensity.

The distance is 1:1 with the previous distance settings. ( 0.5 )

Previously, Factor was responsible for controlling the amount of ambient light and ambient occlusion together. We’ve split this into two separate values and it’s hard to compare these changes explicitly.

In order to keep the Intensity of the ambient light (brightness) at the same level as before, you would probably want to keep the strength of the ambient light at the same level as before with Factor.

To achieve a similar darkening as before, the ambient occlusion Intensity setting should be set to a value of around 0.2 - 0.3.

If you could share a scene baked with previous ambient occlusion settings (before the update) we can take a closer look and assist you to recreate similar results with updated version of ambient light and ambient occlusion.


Hi there.
Thank you for answering my question.

Data before the update

Data after update and reapplying BAKE

In the indoor occlusion, the sharpness behind the corners is gone.
I attributed this to the 【Intensity】 of the occlusion.

1, no ambient occlusion.
2, set【Intensity】to the lowest value (0.01)
3, Add, 【Distance】 to the highest value (10.0)
4, Next, set 【Distance】 to the lowest value (0.01)

I have tried everything, but the corners are not as sharp as they were before the update.
I would like you to work with me on a solution.
*I want my project to be the shortest finish configuration possible, so I want to use a method that does not add lighting to the room.

Thanks for your help.
Best regards.

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Unfortunately new settings are not directly comparable with previous ambient occlusion.

To keep similar lighting conditions with more accented edges you could use following settings
Ambient light: Strength: 0.4
Ambient occlusion: Distance: 1
Ambient occlusion: Intensity: 0.3
Flood dark limit: 0.1

To bring more dark into corners and keep accented edges with more fill light you could use following settings:
Ambient light: Strength: 0.8
Ambient occlusion: Distance: 1
Ambient occlusion: Intensity: 0.7
Flood dark limit: 0.05

To avoid accented edges you might consider adding more Sky light with following settings (increasing sample count from 40 to 100 or more would be advised):
Sky light: Srength: 10
Sky light: Color: RGB: (0.8, 0.8, 0.8)
Ambient light: Strength: 0.1
Ambient occlusion: Distance: 1
Ambient occlusion: Intensity: 0.5
Flood dark limit: 0.1

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Thank you very much.

As you indicated, if I increase the [Strength] setting value of Ambient light:, the inside will be cleaner. However, that will make the exterior too bright and the colors will not be visible.

The sample I sent you keeps both the exterior and interior bright enough to see the specified colors.

Is it possible to disable the shadows that occur on the interior and corners?

If Ambient light also leaves shadows at the edges of surfaces, can I adjust the systemic changes with body-end, etc.?

I would like some more help with testing.

Thank you in advance.

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HI @shibata

Sorry, I was focused on interior only, thanks for explanation.

It’s not possible to disable the shadows in corners. We don’t have a way to control ambient light shadowing through configuration files. However, we found a solution that will allow to make them less visible (as previously). We are actively working on it currently. We are planning to have it ready for the next release that will be available soon. (Probably within next three weeks)


Thanks for the confirmation and answer.
Sorry for the delay in my reply.

I will wait for future releases.

We look forward to more great developments from you.
Best regards.

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