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Ambient Occlusion

Which is the best configuration for ambient occlusion?
I would like to have e soft shadows around object in the floor ( chairs legs, tables legs, sofas, etc etc) is the ambient occlusion that i have to modify for this effect?

The setting that can help the most is to increase lightmap resolution for the floor. This can be done in ‘Objects’ tab ‘Custom lightmap resolution’. If this isn’t very large area, you could try resolution 200.

For subtle shadows, the number of samples is also very important. With small number of samples subtle shadows are indistinguishable from noise and are removed by de-noising filters.

You can try experimenting if enabling ambient occlusion helps, although this setting is most often used to ensure interiors without enough light are not baked too dark.

Thank you so much.
I will try

With lightmap 200 in the floor i do not see any particular effects :pensive:.

Could you upload the scene and share a link here or with

I will post ti as soon as possible

as you see when i upload this file, secondary texture of floor doesnt work.
on my pc is all ok

This problem is caused by the texture atlasing during the upload. Please see this post that describes how to fix this.