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Android version of WeChat browsers

Hello, after a long time test, a problem is that in all Android versions of WeChat browsers, they can’t open the shapespark project. After our repeated tests, not the Android browser does not support the webgl, because we can open the project with the playcanvas.

Which visualization are you trying to open in the WeChat browser? Using and Android phone and the WeChat app I’ve successfully opened our website and viewed the visualization showcased there.

Hello, what type of Android mobile are you using? I also test, I have several cases on my own server:
At present, in many Android WeChat browsers, it can not be opened.

Only when you link the links to external browsers can you open them? You need to help you test it.

I was testing it on Samsung Galaxy S8 with WeChat 6.6.2. It seems I can open visualizations served from our hosting, but I am unable to open visualizations served from your hosting. So, I think the problem is not related to Shapespark itself, and I am wondering if if may be somehow related to your hosting or domain.

For example, I am able to open in the WeChat browser, however I cannot open . What seems strange I cannot even open your homepage: in the WeChat browser.

Could this be HTTPS certificate problem? When I open in Firefox on Windows it fails to open with Your connection is not secure error (it opens OK in Chrome on WIndows).