Animated door, clock and spatial audio

Here is an example of an animated door, an animated clock and spatial sound. So turn up the sound to hear the effect :slight_smile:


How do you do that animation effect?

Do you mean the door or the clock?
The clock is a bit more complicated, because it shows the real time. So each “dot” in the clock is an own mesh with a plane geometry which are animated individually. The animations are done with Javascript and custom code.


how did you add the door animation? thanks

Since Shapespark’s API does not offer this function natively, this is not that easy to implement.

To put it simply, we manipulate the worldMatrix of the mesh and animate it by clicking on the door. It took us some time to figure out how to do something like that. But we can now rotate, scale and animate the position of objects.
We can also add geometries later after loading the scene. But this technology is quite vulnerable to Shapespark updates as we found out. So you may have to adapt the code from time to time in the future.


Hi Simon, which programming language did you use to create the door animation?

I did it with Javascript/React

Hello Simon, the animation you created is so amazing and I would like to learn more about it.

Would you be able to teach us how to do it? Of course we are willing to pay for your extra work :slight_smile:

If interested, please give me your email. Thanks!