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Animations in Shapespark

I would like to know if at some point Shapespark also will support animations? Did you ever think about this? Or already planning to work on this?
This is ab example from SimLab

We discuss adding animations during long term plannings, but so far it didn’t make it to our todo list. This is a large task with a prerequisite of supporting dynamic lights, which also didn’t make it to our todo list so far. Dynamic lights for large architectural scenes in WebGL is a research effort, we are not sure if it is feasible to implement it with decent performance. For now we still focus on static baked lightning and plan to make improvements in this area (quality and performance related).

Thank you for you detailed answer @jan.

This is an example for clearly spotting a performance drop with dynamic lighting. The difference is more noticeable on the weaker - average users’ devices. This is a scene with only 5 lights and only 240.000 triangles. We use much more than that in our works.