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Another house.big one

Hi guys.
here’s another project of a house this one is one of the biggest we have developed. Hope you like it.
Comments and critics welcome as always :smiley:


Well, I was able to walk through the entire house including the stairs. Good Work.

If I had any suggestions,

  • I might work on some of the lighting. Some rooms seem a little (emphasis on the little) bit dark to me.
  • I would also suggest adding a light probe to some of the rooms to kind of liven up some of the materials.
  • You cold also add one (light probe) to the front of the house to add a little reflectivity to the cars. You might also need to adjust the materials for the cars so that they look at little more metallic.

Again, good job. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions.
i’ll work it out, and also you are rigth i didnt add a probe to the main facade so theres not reflection on the objects.
Grettings :smiley: