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Anyone out there use Shapespark for exhibit design

Anyone out there use Shapespark for exhibit design, environmental design?
I would like to know your workflow as to working with 3DSmax
I use it from Sketchup, but other designers in my office would like to learn
a workflow to use it from 3DSmax or other modelers

We have implemented outdoor projects in Sketchup and 3DS Max. The preparation is actually pretty much the same. In Shapespark you should pay attention to the following:

  1. that you don’t use too many polygons if you want the model to run on mobile devices.
  2. that your textures for the outdoor areas stay below 8K, otherwise they can’t be displayed
  3. resolutions of lightmaps in outdoor areas can be much smaller than in indoor areas
  4. the larger your areas are, the more lightmaps you need. Therefore it is important to reduce the resolution drastically, especially for large areas. With such areas we sometimes go down to a resolution of 10. With leaves of plants also on a resolution of 5.
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Thanks for the Tips Tim