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Apartment Schwanen Villa


We recently finished another apartment which I would like to share with you:
Schwanen Villa Interaktiv

For this project, we created some stills first and later converted it into a real-time model.


In my opinion the scene visually looks incredible. Each object is very realistic and well textured. The only thing is that the scene is not well optimized, especially for mobile devices, doesn’t run smoothly. I am afraid to imagine how many polygons are in the scene)


@Anton_Aleknavitsus Thank you for your feedback. The scene has about 11 million polys. Can you tell me what kind of mobile device you tested the scene on?


Iphone 6s and iPad 9.7 (2018)


@tim excelent Job! Very nice ilumination and impressive textures!


very nice, what software did you use to render stills?


Thank you. We use 3ds max and corona renderer.


@ Anton_Aleknavitsus We’ve just updated the scene. Should run smoother now. :smiley: