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Archicad and shapespark connection

@jan, @wojtek, Do you plan to produce a Shapespark plugin with Archicad? What would be the current workflow for transferring files from Archicad to Shapespark? And the lights? How would I place them without losing them if I have to update the geometry later?

We don’t have plans to create an Archicad plug-in in the near future.

To transfer the model from Archicad to Shapespark, export it to some intermediate 3D format supported by Shapespark (FBX, DAE, OBJ, glTF) and import the intermediate file into Shapespark.

According to the list at Archicad has exporters for FBX, DAE and OBJ. There is also an SKP exporter, so one more option is to import the model to SketchUp first, and export it to Shapespark from there.

Lights and material settings configured in Shapespark are preserved across geometry updates, so you will not have to configure your settings from scratch after each update.

Ok, but how I can put the lights directly in FBX format? What kind of FBX objects shapespark recognize as a light?

The FBX file format has support for lights, and Shapespark imports FBX lights. So, if the Archicad’s FBX exporter exports Archicad’s lights to the FBX file, Shapespark will import them.

The same applies to the DAE file format.