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Art gallery , first test :)

Hi all !

It’s been a while I wanted to make a kind of art gallery. I tried twinmotion, I tried many of softwares , but not very useful, because of compilated .exe, files too heavy to share etc.

I discovered shapespark for a simple reason, some friends told me about the webgl techno , and some of theme are developping apps using this techno. The main advantage I saw , is that there is no need of plugins or anything else to see the work.

As a graphist , I was looking an original meaning to show my work.Well , maybe it’s not the best idea to deal with it , but it’s such an original way to show my work :slight_smile:

my gallery :smiley:

It’s the V1 of the gallery , and in france , the qwerty keyboard is a little bit complicated to have the best way to navigate huhu . Maybe the commands must be binded :smiley:

Thanx a lot for your work on shapespark , it will serve me about my personal graphist work , but the professional too.

You are the pioneers doing it. So congratulation, you can’t imagine how long I’ve was waiting for it :slight_smile:


I found the museum very interesting. Lots of neat stuff (on both floors).

Minor suggestion: On the 2nd floor, the glass wall should stop me. I was able to take a short cut back down to the first floor by just moving forward. Went right through the wall and dropped back down.

Good job though…………:clap:

Thanx Man :slight_smile: for the moment i don’t understand how to deal with this Glass wall and collisions…

That’s a first try uh ^^’ thanx a lot for the feedback.

If you are asking how to stop it, I do not currently have access to Shapespark but take a look at this:

  1. Go to the Objects tab
  2. Select the glass wall object
  3. Look at the Custom collision settings

    The make sure the checkbox is not checked.

    This should stop you when you get to the glass wall.

Hope this helps……………

Thanx a lot ! I’ll do the upload in the day.

Hi @Gaetan,

This is a great and beautiful example of Shapespark use: the contents and the design of the gallery are very interesting! Thank you for sharing it.

Two ideas that you could consider experimenting with:

  • Since the gallery is spacious, you could experiment with decreasing the default Field of view in the Camera tab, to make the perspective closer to the human eye.
  • If you have extra images, videos or HTML content in general, that you would like to enrich some items in the gallery with, you could take advantage of the HTML Label extension.

ps. Thank you for your encouraging words about our tool.:slight_smile:

Thanx a lot for the answer :slight_smile:
I didn’t know it was possible to insert a webpage or a video , till I saw this tutorial :slight_smile:

For sure it’s my next project :smiley: