Art Gallery , zoom on a work?

Hi all ,
As I saw in many art gallery showcases , users added a thing that blew my mind.

In fact , I’m creating my CV as an art gallery , to train myself on Shapespark. I’m working with sketchup and 3D tools for years , but this one is absolutely amazing.

In that way , for now , I must create a “viewer” for each work I’ve done. But it’s starting to get a lot , and the menu is growing up each time.

Well , like I said , I’ve seen a feature , in shapespark art galleries made by users , that they manage to click on a work , zoom in on it , with a specific angle to facilitate the reading of the work , and its description.

Coudl someone explain me ? I must have missed something in the menus , or is it additional codes ?

The ergonomics are cleaner with this kind of navigation than clicking on the ground to approach a work.

If someone could help me about that… Thax a lot in advance ! Keep on good work , this software is the key for us !

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Hi, great to hear that you have chosen Shapespark for your gallery.

To center the camera on an artwork, in the Viewer tab add a view of type Walk with a camera placed in such a way that the artwork in centered:

You can use Hide from menu option if you don’t want the view to appear in the upper right menu.

Next, at the bottom of the Viewer tab add the Change view extension:

In the Views to toggle select the view created in the previous step. As the Trigger select Object tab and select the artwork as the object that will trigger the extension.

Now clicking the artwork, will switch to the view in which the artwork is centered on the screen.

Repeat these steps for each artwork in your gallery.


Pffff , thanx a lot , Jan. You don’t know how much you helped …

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