Assistance with baking model with other object's in cycle

I’m having issues after an attempted trial run involving object switching for walls, kitchen cabinets, and other structures within the model. For some reason my lighting is ineffective in the living room but successful everywhere else however I presume the alternating ceiling may have a conflict. In addition upon baking and post baking on SUPER settings I’ve been left with black shadows of the other options left available (it baked some set of cabinets, and for the other that’s used as the object swap in cycle it completely turned it into a shadow as if it didn’t render that or know how to). What can I do to move forward as it’s almost obvious that I’ll have to render this model with the presets each separately but I do not know if I can combine them thereafter. Thoughts?Project Link

Here is a link to the project.

The object in your switch object extension are casting shadows on each other and walls, that is causing this effect. In the Objects tab turn on isolate shadows for all objects used in the extension. (to avoid objects casting shadows on each other). Here you can read step by stem how to set up switch object extension.

You’re a life saver! That fixed everything, Thank you so much!

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