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Audio link does not work

Hi everyone, I tried put some audio link from YouTube, drobox, google drive and but nothing happens! The audio symbol appear block and I don´t know what I doing wrong!

The key is that it must be and audio file located in an http environment that supports playing it via the http protocol. Dropbox and Google Drive do not allow you to use them to serve up web pages.

I no longer have access to Shapespark so I cannot show you any code example. As I said above though, the key is that it must be playable as a background sound from its source. I think your source is only for downloading music. Not playing it as a background sound interactively.

Hope this gets you going in the right direction.

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The URL property of the Audio extension shall point directly to a music file/stream with the audio. So, it should not be a link to a Free Music Archive subpage for a track, but to the track file itself.

On the Free Music Archive website you have to right-click the download button for your chosen track, and copy the download link to the clipboard. Then, paste the link as the URL property of the Audio extension. For YouTube Audio Library the procedure is analogous, and can be seen in our YouTube tutorial about extensions:

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Hi @wojtek, thanks por your guidelines and video. Now I know how to insert audios. :+1:t3: