Authentication errors?

Hi all,

Hoping someone can help. I’ve recently been getting an authentication error on my embedded Shapespark demo walkthrough. In addition to that, when I go to my link I get the below message.

Any direction on what is going on, or how to solve? Its public on my website, so downtime is not ideal.


@Ted_Vitale, thanks for the report, we are investigating it.

It seems that only the redirection is not working, but otherwise the cloud account user interface and scene hosting work fine (e.g.

If you log in through, can you run your demo walkthrough?

Everything seems to be working now. This all started because I have the demo embedded in a Wix webpage and all of the sudden, nothing was working. I don’t think it was you guys, because it was only happening when getting re-directed from the Wix web platform. Its since resolved its self, but I was just trying to verify where the troubles were stemming from and it doesn’t seem to be on your end :slight_smile:

@Ted_Vitale, actually we found the issue to be on our end. Certain ways of accessing scenes or the cloud account user interface stopped to work after an update to our server. But it’s all working now.

Once again, thanks for reporting the issue!

A little late on the response, but Im always happy to report any thing I spot. Thanks for finding the issue!