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Author logo size


is there any way to change the size of the logo (author logo url)?

Do you want to make the logo smaller or larger? To make it smaller it should be enough to introduce vertical padding to the logo image. To make it larger you’d have to customize the logo size by overriding its CSS style with head-end.html file.

Thanks for the quick reply.
can you share CSS lines for making a bigger image?

Create a body-end.html file in your scene directory (in Documents\Shapespark) and place the following CSS snippet inside:

  .info-item {
    height: 80px;

80px is just an example for the height. Adjust it to your needs.

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adding hyperlink on logo is possible ? using body end file.

If you specify the “Author website” URL property in the “Viewer” tab of the editor, the logo will have this URL as the hyperlink.

Thank you for quick reply, but the “Author website” option is not editable if i use “Author Logo” only.

You’re right, it’s a bug. We’ll fix it in the next release. For now, as a workaround:

  1. Import the author logo from a file.
  2. Enter any author name.
  3. Enter the autor website URL.
  4. Remove the author name.

The “Author website” property will become disabled and empty, but the URL entered in step 3. will still be used when you click on the logo.

Thank, now it’s working :+1: