Autoload a shapespark project


I’d like to know if there anyway to autoload a project ive done in shapespark, so instead of clicking in the play button, it will automatically start to load without the user having to click on the play button.

And finally is it possible to start automatically in vr mode?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, you can add #autoplay hash to the URL to start automatically: 3D scene

It is not possible to start automatically in VR or full screen mode, because browsers require VR and full screen switch to be initiated by the user action.

Hi @jan,

Thats great :slight_smile: fantastic!!!

About vr thats a pitty but i understand its not your limitation, anyway i saw something about vr to vr navigation (vr2vr), if you start in vr in some webpage and click in a link that goes to another webpage that has some vr project (like shapespark) it could continue to be in vr.

Didnt find found much about it except here [Feature request] A flag to enter VR mode automatically when opened in supported browser · Issue #426 · facebookarchive/react-360 · GitHub , do you think this could be possible?


#Autoplay is neat and useful. :+1:

I wonder if it’s possible to open automatically a “journey mode” after #autoplay runs? So it will be similar to an animation after all. Need to know for one UX experiment. I need to simplify any single click of the user of reasons it will be used for the specific group.

Thank you

Hello. Yes, it is possible, you need to enable Automatic tour, and Start on scene load checkboxes in the Viewer tab.

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perfect! thank you :slight_smile: