Automatic camera path


Lately we have been working on major improvements for camera movement.

As you may already know, by default the camera will pass through walls to reach its destination. It works alright, but we wished we had more pleasant transitions between views.

We decided to create an automatically generated camera path, so the camera can navigate obstacles on its own. For any sharp corners the camera will slow down accordingly, and speed up when traversing straight paths.

The function should work best in interior scenes. It is enabled by default for new scenes, and for existing scenes you can enable it in the Camera tab using the “auto path” checkbox.

Give the auto path a try and let us know how it works for your scenes!


I tried it on a bigger exterior scene where the cameras are arranged around a multi-family house. And it works nicely in the scene. The movement could sometimes be a bit smoother, but overall it is a great addition.


Hey @kamil Is it possible to disable this feature also? I have a small space with furniture items and some recess walls and the movement between cameras with the new system makes it stutter uncomfortably.

The movement through walls in my use case is fine, indeed sometimes when the camera passes through the walls it actually highlights the fact the experience is not just a 360 image and an actual 3D model.

Hi @njay

We are aware auto path may not be ideal for every scenario. You can disable it by unselecting ‘auto path’ checkbox in camera tab:


You can find additional description in our help reference:


Thanks @kamil I rarely use the automatic tour itself, however the camera movement when selecting from the view menu seems to use the auto path collision avoidance and so even with the auto path turned off it sends the camera on a crazy journey when selecting views.

I have not tried it in a VR headset, but my guess is that the camera movement would be quite nauseating.

Can it be disabled for the view menu switching? If not I will likely have to look at an alternative application for a multi site project I am developing, which would be disastrous for me.

Fingers crossed it can be.

@kamil Sorry i just discovered I had checked just the checkbox on the viewer tab, not the camera tab, which has resolved my problem. My panic is over, sorry!

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No problem! Thanks for the update!

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