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Automatic message when someone enters a meeting

Could an automatic message be generated when someone enters a meeting space to go attend to that person? This would be useful to show real estate and attend to a potential buyer. Can you do it? Can we do it somehow with the API? or somehow with HTML programming?


+1. Would be very useful in events.

We will be working on a chat, and it looks like a chat window would be a good place for such messages ‘Tom joined the meeting’, ‘Tom left the meeting’.


this is just genius! the chat option can really be a great upgrade

Right now there are apps that can help you if you need it now. is an app that does that and also allows you to track and track visitation metrics. I use it on all my tours and the best part is that it’s free!

see this

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hola jorge! como la incluiste en el recorrido?

Hola Nicole,
Cierto, es un detalle importante! En la plataforma de se genera un scrip para cada pagina donde quieras colocar el botón de chat. Así que:

  1. debes generar el recorrido primero,
  2. luego copiar la dirección de tu recorrido,
  3. ir a y generar el botón de chat con la dirección del tour,
  4. copiar el script que te da y ponerlo en un body-end.html en el folder de shapespark de tu recorrido y
  5. por ultimo volver a subir el recorrido final.

Parece complicado pero es bien sencillo! Espero que sea una guía útil!

Right, that’s an important detail!’s platform generates a script for each page where you want to place the chat button. So:

  1. you must generate the tour first,
  2. then copy the address of your tour,
  3. go to and generate the chat button with the address of the tour,
  4. copy the script that gives you and put it in a body-end.html in the shapespark folder of your tour and
  5. finally upload the final tour again.

It seems complicated but it is very simple! I hope this is a useful guide!

gracias!! buenisimo! en otro tema, sabes si es posible tener la opcion de hacer desplegables en las vistas que creas en viewer? como subvistas por asi decirlo

No, eso aun no es posible :anguished:. Eso es como organizar las vistas en un árbol de jerarquía, pero aun no se puede. Ya lo hemos solicitado con anterioridad, pero nada aun.