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Autoplay (at launch) of video misses audio

When we assign video to play at launch of tour, the starts the play but the audio is muted till we start moving in scene of click anywhere.

This in a way fail to serve the purpose of play at launch.

Can this be fixed?


This is an intentional web browsers limitation and Shapespark can do nothing to workaround it. Browsers require a user interaction to start playing audio, this is to prevent websites from automatically playing something when a site is opened.

@jan thanks for confirming.

How about local playback of the tour on pc? Is there any influence of browser there? As the audio behaves the same there too.

Shapespark local app uses an embed Chrome browser so the behavior is the same.

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@jan then may be you can think of a pop (like here - dummy) which makes sure the intent of playing media at launch is served in full?