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Bake failed process exited with non-zero error status

Hi guys, today after the update, there was a baking error “Bake failed process exited with non-zero error status”. At first I thought a mistake in the model, but even the plane without textures is not baked. I saw on the forum there are posts about this error, but I did not find a solution to the problem. Please help, in plans to purchase a commercial version, but the bugs are alarming.

I am using sketchup 2015
CPU - i3-3240 CPU 3.40GHz
RAM - 12GB
I use CPU for baking


Could you upload this scene, so that we could analyze the issue?

We have continued the discussion via email. The issue was introduced in Shapespark 1.7.6 and caused baking errors for users with non-Latin characters in their Windows account names. Fixed in 1.7.7 released today.

@alexey, Could you verify it works for you now?