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Bake objects to their own exr

Would it be possible to bake each object to it’s own exr and 1:1 tile, and then combine them all into X number of uv tiles/bake.png’s only during upload/packaging/or running locally outside of the editor?

So a seperate editor folder for lightmaps for each object which the editor would use, and another folder which contains one lightmap containing the result of packaging all the individual lightmaps into one tile, along with the accompanying re-packaged uv’s.

This could mean that whilst still editing, individual objects could be re-baked instead of the full scene. Handy if for example you need to change the lighhtmap resolution of an individual object, or even if you just want to import one new object and bake it on its own.

I was going to say use the final packaged uv’s but render out to individual EXR’s, but this would mean new objects couldnt be added without re-baking everything, because the uv’s would need to change to make space.

Baking each object separately would require some lightmap space-saving optimizations to be removed.

Each object is not baked into its own rectangular sub-space of a lightmap, instead the space used by different objects can overlap.

For example, if you project a sphere, you will get two circles with not-used space in the corners. When possible, such empty space is used to store parts of other objects.

ah ok, so we couldn’t have a separate uv layout for the editor and another for final release, presumably because it wouldn’t be possible to combine and package them all into one uv tile whilst maintaining the same look.

I guess per light AOV’s is still the best solution for one time baking then, although that wouldn’t allow new objects to be introduced without a re-bake.