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Baking Isolated objects

I have a problem with the baking of my scene
I’ve got 3 objects in my scene that are baked separately (isolate shadows) but for some kind of reason there is always one of the objects that turn out with black spots. (you can see it in the images below) If I use 3 objects it is the large sofa that has this problem, If i do the bake with only two sofa’s in the scene it is another one that has that problem.

I have a few scenes that use this method and it is consistent throughout all these scenes. Is this a known issue?

Could you share the link to this Shapespark scene with us, so we could take a closer look at it?

Hi wojtek,

Thanks for your respose. This is the scene:
Don’t mind the flickering on the plain beneath, this is because there are currently two of them.
Do you need mee to send you the local pack file?

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An this is a screenshot of the objects isolate shadows setting, it is placed on the groups top

@Wannes_Vanspranghe, we’ve fixed the issue. The fix will be included in the upcoming release planned for this week.

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