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Baking support for RTX3070?

I am planning to buy rtx3070, the newer version of graphic card, for my labtop this month.

There should be no problem with using it for baking in Shapespark, right?

I hope Shapespark supports for rtx30 series.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hello @Kyuseok11,

How are you going to integrate RTX 3070 with your laptop? Are you going to connect it externally ?

If you have a solution, please do let me know. I am also planning to do the same.

Thank you.


I am actually buying a new laptop this month that already integrated with RTX 3070.

Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

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@nishantambekar, you might find some information about connecting an external GPU in this discussion: Cloud based computing for baking purposes

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I use a 3080 rtx (pc) and works smoothly