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BAKING taking so long

Hi Guys

I have a living room model from sketchup that I have brought into shapespark. Im finding that baking times are taking far too long and using 99% of my cpu when I use the following settings


DEVICE - CPU: AMD FX™-6300 Six-Core Processor 16GB RAM.

Taking 10 hours to get to 60% baking.

When I used the GPU it bakes completely black.

any ideas on how I can improve things.

Thanks a lot


After the baking completed i end up with an awful image

Hi @SHOWCASE_DESIGN, welcome to the forum.

Seems like it could be baked faster. Does your 3D model contain any other rooms or building surroundings (eg. terrain, other buildings)? Could you upload the scene so that we could take a look at it?

The result is noisy, because according to the screenshot, you disabled the post-processing filters which include denoising. Please check the Enable filters option in the Bake tab. Now, to improve your result you can run only the post-processing filters using the Post-process button (normally, you do not have to use this button after baking, because post-processing is run automatically).

Hi Wojtek

thanks for the welcome.

Yes there was a piece of grass landscape outside the window, I’ve deleted this now and am re-uploading. I’ll bake again, but when I use GPU it renders very fast, but black. is there a reason for this?

What GPU did you use for baking?

Could you also upload the scene to our hosting, even before baking, using the “Upload” button in the main Shapespark window?

uploading now


this has now been uploaded

your help is much appreciated

The black screen after baking using the GPU is most likely caused by insufficient memory of the graphics card. Your scene is rather large - it consists of 10M triangles, and it seems too much for the 2GB of memory your graphics has.

Decreasing the number of triangles in your scene would be beneficial not only for GPU baking, but also for the viewing frame rate and download time.

In order to find out which objects contributes most triangles to the total number of 10M go the the Objects tab and analyze the object list. It is sorted from the most complex ones (at each hierarchy level).

The majority of the triangles come from the pillows’ tassels, please see the attached screenshot. The tassel (object named Group#329) consisting of ~24k triangles exists in 388 instances, which gives over 9M triangles in total. If you managed to replace the tassel model with something simpler it would greatly reduce the scene size and improve viewing performance.

BTW, when you manage to successfully bake the scene on the GPU you can revert the changes to the lighting that you made, for example: decrease the strength of the Sun to 8, decrease the strength of the sky to 6, and remove the spot light sources (or significantly decrease their strength).

thanks, I’ll give that a try now