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Baking Time no more visible

Is there a reason why the durance of the baking process is not shown in the baking tab anymore? After baking the duration of the baking process is no longer displayed in the bake tab. After baking the scene, the baking time was still visible. That has changed at some point. That’s too bad because you could better test how changes affected the scene.

Yes, the jobs list was removed when baking is not running to make the Bake tab simpler for new users.

We will think how to reintroduce it. Until it is done, you can start a new bake for any scene, the job history will be shown and you will be able to see the bake time of a few previous jobs.

Thank you, Jan! Looking forward to having this feature back.

Hey @tim, the 1.7.0 release brought back the feature.

Thank you for considering this.