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Bathroom rain shower effect

In process, comments are heard, if you touch the shower command, the water effect appears.


the shower effect is great!!! looks realy nice!!! I would recommend to deactivate the collision detection for the water, I was stuck in the water :slight_smile:
being able to open doors and lockers is cool
the lightning of the scene itself looks a bit rough
the hedge looks too artificial in my opinion
I would try to make the colors of the spheres more harmonic to the overall scene

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Thanks @loetzsch, I will take your recommendations into account, I forgot to disable the water jet collision :man_facepalming:t2::crazy_face:. It’s a work in progress so when I finish it I hope to have improved on all your observations and more! :+1:t3:

I am sure that the scene will be very nice at the end! Will love to see the end product…

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