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Benchmark feature / Expected Performance

Hi all, i just sign up and am waiting to start my free trial, but i am courious if there is any benchmark tool, like the vraybenchmark, where i can be aware of my computer capability and what to expect when using the software. Currently i do not own a dedicated/specialized hardware. I use a laptop with i7-8750h + gtx1070 +16Gb ram. Wondering if I would need better hardwareso the scenes won´ttake overnights to bake like i have seem at the forum.

Hi @Leandro_Lopes, welcome to the forum!

There is no such benchmark tool, but I’d say the mobile GTX 1070 will bake scene rather fast. To give you some indication, for a a two-bedroom apartment draft bake would take 10-20 minutes, and final bake 1-2 hours.