Best Vr Headset


That last topic on VR in the forum is from Sep '20.

Can anyone give some advice on the whole VR experience and Shapespark in 2022?

What are the best options for headset etc

Thank you in advance!

I asked a question a few days ago about Shapespark and VR in 2022. Got zero response.

Does anybody working in Shapespark have any information about this?



From our experience the Oculus family of headsets are best supported by the browsers. I believe Oculus Quest 2 is the most versatile as you can use it stand-alone for smaller scenes not requiring a powerful GPU or connect it to the PC via Oculus Link/Air Link when you need more power for complex scenes.



Does anyone have experience with one of the following headsets with Shapespark scenes?

  • Star VR One
  • Pimax 5K
  • Pimax 8K

Should I expect any problems when I use one of the headsets with Shapespark scenes?



@tim, unfortunately we don’t have experience with these headsets. The most important thing to check is if they support WebXR standard (miXed Reality in browser). Shapespark VR mode is based on the WebXR standard, so if they don’t support WebXR, Shapespark will not detect a headset.

Hi @wojtek

I have already checked the web for WebGL/WebXR support, and it seems the devices are not supporting it. So I suggested the client not use them.

Thank you.

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