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Best way to increase background quality (Solved)

I’m working on a scene where I want the user to be able to look out of the windows at a desert like background.
With an HDRI map downloaded from HDR Haven, the resolution is too low and it looks pixelated.
I have tried adding screens with a 4K image on them but they still look poor quality and therefore flat.
Does anyone have any good tips for this.

Thats the scene. Any other crits or feedback welcome.

The back left room looks a bit poor in the quality and im not sure whats causing that so if anyone knows, again that would be helpful.



Well if this isn’t a supervillain base in construction I don’t know what is!


Very interesting scene!

For the sky unfortunately we don’t have any good solution. The textures already use the maximum possible resolution of 4k pixels, but they are large: about 50 meters if I measure them correctly, so such resolution is not much for them.

The texture compression tool that Shapespark uses has a new version that improves quality in some cases, we will be switching to this new version and we will test if for these textures there is an improvement.

Thanks, just in case anyone is having a similar issue, in 3DS Max there is a resolution that textures are shown in the viewport, this limits the backgrounds you put on “screens” to appear lowish res. You can change this to above the resolution of all your photos like 16K and it will improve the quality of the FBX export. (Still havent quite figured out all the tricks of FBX)

Jan: Do you have a time frame for this? Could an alternative solution in this case be improving the lighting, improving the lightmap res or improving the mesh quality?

Thanks in advance

I divided the large panel into several segments and assigned one part of the texture (max 4k) to each segment. It works. I haven’t tried spheres.

Thanks Vladan, can i just clear up what you mean?

  1. You take your image which is a very high resolution ie 16k and split it into segments, lets say quarters for example.
  2. you apply one quarter each to 4 parts of one large panel, allowing each quarter of the panel to have 4k resolution.

Does this mean your texture is very very large to make this worthwhile, most textures I can find online are around 4k anyway

This procedure was the only possible solution for this wall:

Otherwise it would be a big grain.

Maybe it can work with big photo spheres from HDRI Haven and a new sphere instead of the sky?
It’s worth a try, isn’t it? But keep in mind that with more large textures, opening a presentation is slower.

In Shapespark the maximum resolution for a material texture (base color, roughness etc.) is 2k x 2k and the maximum resolution for a sky texture is 4k x 2k. So, if you do want a particular texture to be 4k x 4k in the viewer you have to split it as Vladan suggests.

Thanks, Wojtek
It’s clear now

Hi Wojtek and Vladan,
I have just expored this scene and the photosphere looks amazing quality. Is there something i’m missing?


For those with the same problem:
One solution I found with help from @Vladan is to move the photo sphere further away from the scene. You can do this by creating invisible objects very far away from the main scene as the photo sphere wraps the scene. This worked for me.

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