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Bit modern, bit classic house interior


I would like to show my newest project with Shapespark: a design and visualization of a 2-level house interior. The interior mixes a bit of modern and and a bit of classic style. Feel free to ask questions or write me some feedback.


I like the idea to give some reflections to the window panes. It looks not so empty outside and adds a bit more realism.
I just had some trouble walking downstairs. At the stair wind, I suddenly jumped back to the upper floor. Maybe you can solve this by giving a collision to the rail. And maybe better: there could also be a setting inside shapespark for a max step height to avoid this kind of problem?


This jump back happens because the collision detection is now limited to just around the camera. So, if the camera is above the staircase rail, the collision with the rail will not be detected, and the movement through the rail will be allowed.

We are aware the collider can be improved, adding a full-body collider is mentioned in this Wishlist post.

For now, in places like the staircase the collision behavior can be improved by introducing fully-transparent vertical panes that block the movement. We will shortly write a short post about it.

Thank you very much for the feedback!

Hi Jagoda,

This looks great, well done.

Can I ask how long it took you to complete this and what software you used?

Also how did you get the reflections in the windows?



Hi John
Thank you for nice words :grinning:
I took some time to complete the visualization, because I have also designed the interior. Entire works on this house took about 3 months, but how much of it would be just for modelling and visualizing… it is hard to estimate.
I use Sketchup 2016 for modelling and then of corse Shapespark for 3d walks.
Reflections in windows are created by making the glass material opaque about 5% and a little metalic.



Hi Jagoda,

Thanks for the tips! It is much appreciated :slight_smile: