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Blender - Difficulties in transferring a scene to Shapespark

Hello !

I’m a beginner at Shapespark and I would like to know if you have any step by step to send a Blender file (eevee) to shapespark.

For example, the floor map came much larger than the one drawn in Blender, as well as wall textures, among other things.

Does anyone use Blender for Shapespark and have some tips for me?

Thank you very much!!

Hi @Danilo_Leite,

we use Blender for Shapespark in the studio all the time without any difficulties.
What you have to be sure when it comes to texture mapping is that you do not introduce any edits to the textures in the shader editor - like changing tiling, texture rotation etc. You just have to UV map everything so it looks correctly in Blender and it should transfer fine into Shapespark.



Hi Kuba! Thank you so much!
Yes, I changed the tiling… I Will fix this!

Do you use Eevee or Cicles? Is there a specific configuration for the lighting?



@Danilo_Leite, it doesn’t matter what render engine you use in Blender. Shapespark has its own rendering system. It bakes lighting into textures and renders reflections and transparencies in realtime.

Ok Kuba, Thank you very much!