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Blender to Shapespark πŸ€” it is possible?

Just a curious questions:

  1. can we export model from blender to shapespark?
  2. Both use the same render engine: Cycles. That things help us in some way?

Why not? You can export model with fbx format and work in Shapespark

@Anton_Aleknavitsus and how you manage the lights? I’m talking about some plugging to connect smoothly between them?

I would love to know this also. It is a shame Shapespark doesn’t accept other files more smoothly.

@jorgearq, to make light management easier in such cases, Shapespark allows to import multiple lights as instances of a single Shapespark light. Please find more information in this topic: Any way to create lights externally (withhout sketchup)

There is also a similar feature for object instances - it is also described in the abovementioned topic.

:+1:t3: I’ll check it out. Thanks.