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Blinking doors & over exposure exteriors

how can I fix these 2 issues:

  1. main door is blinking
  2. over exposure in both balconies


  1. Seems like you have overlapped meshes which cause blinking.
  2. reduce the outdoor lighting and increase indoor lighting

how can I reduce the outdoor lighting?

You can decrease the strength of sky light in the “Bake” tab. If you have added a light of type “sun” in the “Lights” tab, you can decrease its strength as well.

Yeah, the blinking is z-fighting that occurs when two planes exist in the same exact location. The computer cant render them both at the same time so you get that weird flashing. To fix that, get into the model and delete one of the overlapping door planes, where ever the overlapping is occurring, then update and re-bake the model. I also agree your exterior lighting is way over bright.