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Bump Map Problem


Whenever I apply a bump map to a glass material the effect is turning out very surprising.

I created a map with a soft transition but it looks pixelated after applying it to a material.

Also with a hard edge and a png format, the reflection shows artifacts.

Is there a chance to receive a better, softer result?

Could you send us this bump map texture for testing?

Sure. I send you a PM.

Thank you

We have experimented with this, but don’t yet have a resolution if such a result is an inherent property of the bump mapping based on single channel gray scale height maps that Shapespark supports (instead of 2 channel normal maps), or if the shaders can be improved to give a smoother result. For now we haven’t managed to get any improvement.

Our shaders for bump mapping are based on the Three.js library, and Three.js includes the following bump texture for testing: In Shapespark this texture gives a bit smoother result than your textures, but it is still pixelated.

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