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Buy more Shapespark Cloud Scenes for Hosting (Already have 50+) need 10 more

Hello I would like to buy 10 more scenes for Shapespark Hosting. But I am already at the limit for upgrades, how can I get some more?


We can add additional 10 hosting slots to your plan for 9 USD / month. Let me know if you’d like us to proceed.

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Yes please add 10 more. Thank you.

Done. You should have 85 hosting slots now (25 + additional 60).

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Thanks a lot for your help!

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Hello can you please add 10 more slots for 9 more dollars a month. Please consider this as confirmation to do so as well. Thanks!.

@Multitaskr_JMoney, we’ve added 10 more hosting slots to your account.

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Thanks a lot, could you please add 10 scenes more for 9 dollars more? Thank you!!

@Multitaskr_JMoney, done.