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Cabin in the woods

Times came that everybody would like to have a shelter far away from crowded places. Our team were inspired by this great project by DRA Architects. We created this interactive virtual tour so everyone can virtually hide away. This one was created in Blender 2.8 and was another proof that it is 100% capable of this type of work.


Beautifully done. The projector beam effect is something I would never have thought is possible with the current engine :smiley:


Wow, really nice! And the idea with the projector is fantastic! Good job!

is it possible to add a feature to adjust the brightness of the sky texture? In many cases, the external environment looks too dark and not realistic.

Thank you @jan, thank you @tim! I am happy you like it!

@Hill_Lam we would like to have such feature. The problem that we are not yet sure how to approach is that it would be best if the same sky settings worked both for the baking and for the presentation. We already have the sky strength setting that is used for baking, preferably this setting would also affect the sky texture in such a way that the sky matches the baking results.

Anyway, what you can do now is to use a HDR or EXR texture for sky and adjust the brightness of such texture in an external program before setting it in Shapespark.

Really cool, @Kuba!

The fire is a normal mp4 file? If so, it does work with curved TV screen.

Yes @Anthoni it is just a video file. You can map it as every other texture.

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Hi @Kuba the projection beam, Excelent tip! Thanks
I will use in this project in progress


Looks good @jorgearq. Also nice touch with the video texture on the projector lens although it might push it a little further if you’d distort it on a sphere. What do you think?

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@Kuba could you explain how you did the projector light rays.

Already did! @Kuba you can take a look,UV mapping is wrong :crazy_face: but i like it! :smiley: it looks good even though it is a small detail! :ok_hand:t3:

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Well done. I wonder how did you manage to do the fluffy effect of the snow?

Looks way better @jorgearq!

@George_Nicola the snow is just simple modeling and some diffuse texture. No magic tricks here :slight_smile: