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Camera effects added?

Hello, is there any chance to have some camera effects (like simple motion blur, DOF or bloom, eventually lens flares) added in further versions of Shapespark?

I think it would be a real game-changer to have it as if I analyze most of UE projects these are the things that make most projects look more real (as they cover lack of realism :slight_smile: )

Hello, it is a common request and we plan to experiments with such effects.

One problem is that most such effects require rendering the scene to buffers instead of directly to the screen and unfortunately WebGL does not support native anti-aliasing while rendering to buffers.
In archviz scenes there are a lot of straight lines and narrow gaps for which good anti-aliasing is important. So it seems that the scene author will have to choose between having better anti-aliasing or post processing effects enabled.

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Hello, and what about the anti-aliasing issue?
My client is asking about this issue (he’s not fully convinced yet but I think we got him 80% sure) and it would be nice to give him (even estimated) time frame when the issue might be resolved so we can work on his projects for desktop and only when the issue is resolved develop mobile versions.

Do you mean reflections not working on Android? (anti-aliasing works on mobile)

Hmmm ok, haven’t seen it somehow on my M4 Aqua (anti-aliasing), both Chrome and Opera.
And yes, reflections are not working.

Do you see Antialiasing: Available entry here: