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Camera Outside of Building After Initial Scene Import

Hi All,

I have two questions.

  1. When I upload a completed model the camera is positioned on the exterior of the building. How do I start it on the interior?

  2. When initially import the model from sketchup to Shapespark the camera is far away from the model. Is there a way to move the camera quickly? Or better yet to have the camera on the interior of the building.

Thanks in advance


Hi John,

Model exported from SketchUp
When the model is exported for the first time, a view called “SketchUp camera” is added, which places the camera in the same position as it was in SketchUp when you started the export.

So, it’s best to start the first model export with the camera inside the building.

Import from other sources (Import .fbx .dae .obj button)
No view is created on such an import. And if you open a scene without any view the camera is placed in the “center” of the scene; by “center” we mean where the most of the meshes are.

Camera already far away from the building
To quickly move the camera you can increase the Camera speed in the Viewer tab.

You could also remove the “SketchUp camera” view, if this view is far away from the building. Then save and reload the scene. After reload, if there are no views, the camera should be in the scene “center”, most likely somewhere in the building.

Hi Wojtek,

Thanks for the information.

It solved my problem!