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Can I have a sketchy style, saving time on 3D?

Hi guys,
I want to reduce my time modeling by having a Sketchy style like this:

There is any way to do that in shapespark?

@Lucas_Borges look at this, i hope it serves you


Thank you @jorgearq.
Yes, I’ll use that, defiantly helped me!
But I’m looking for a way, that cabinets doesn’t need to have a 3D, It could have just lines applied in faces, and shape spark be able to read those lines, instead of render just a flat face without lines.
This will make the project more sketchy, with dark lines, and speeding up the process.

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@Lucas_Borges, unfortunately there is no such a feature in Shapespark.

In case you need a sketchy look just for a few static images to complement the walkthrough, you could try taking screenshots and applying an edge detection filter to the screenshots in an image editor.