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Can the triangle LOGO before the demo play be replaced with other pictures?

Can the triangle LOGO before the demo play be replaced with other pictures?

Yes, you can copy the vanilla index.html file from C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Shapespark\app-<VER>\resources\webwalk\ to the scene directory Documents\Shapespark\<SCENE>\. Then, you can adjust scene’s entry index.html file to your needs, including replacing the default play button. Modified index.html is used only in the view mode, it doesn’t work in the scene editor.

Which plan do you have? Customizing index.html is not possible in the Starter plan.


but don’t work

you can explain again, please.


@P.Zamora3D, can you share the link to the uploaded scene with us? A description or drawing showing what you’d like to achieve, but what is not working, would be very helpful.

sorry. I need change the logo with the triangle with the 3d inside.

Please, you can repeat the explanation a litle specific.

(For dummies. xD)

I have plus plan.

Thanks and congratulations to all the ShapeSpark team, it’s a awesome software.

(sorry for my bad english)

Thank you for your time.

There is one more way to change the play button, described by @jan in: Customising play button - #5 by jan . I think it’s easier to implement:

  1. Please put your logo in Documents\Shapespark\<SCENE-NAME>\extra-assets directory.
  2. Create a body-end.html file in Documents\Shapespark\<SCENE-NAME> with the following content:
  document.getElementById('play-button').src = "$EXTRA_ASSETS/<YOUR-PLAY-BUTTON>";
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