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Can we change the crosshair color and reduce the Buffer time before teleporting VR Mode?

Hi there,
These queries are regarding Google cardboard VR,
• Can we change the Cross hair color?
• Can we decrease buffer the time before teleporting from one point to another?
• Can we have a proper options panel to control all the settings mentioned above so that even a non-coding person could change these setting easily?

Also, as we know there is a workaround which involves entering code individually per project, but can it be implemented as a feature that can be controlled via the software UI and advanced options panel. So that even non coding person can use it and can change all these settings while using this software

-Is there any option of changing Crosshair or pointer color permanently so that we don’t need to change the color time to time of VR because sometimes the backdrop is white in color so crosshair is not visible. For Ex. Image 1. crosshair is visible but in image 2. It is not visible because of the white background. If there would be an option of changing crosshair color and could increase its size it would be more helpful to View and target the object for teleporting.

-Can we reduce the buffer time which can be seen in blue color when we lock a target to teleport at a certain point so it takes some amount of time. if we can reduce that amount of time it would help in quick movement form one point to another.

The Cross hair pointer color is not configurable (it is hardcoded as white in the shader).

We would like to add an advanced options panel to allow to change the settings that at this moment are configurable only via JavaScript code, but at this moment you can only do such changes via code. Here is are settings for decreasing the VR teleport trigger times: