Can we unlink/unparent the trigger from camera in code?

Hi team!!

Triggers or anchors which we create in extension is always parented to the camera right?? is there any way unparent it from camera in code?? I don’t want some of my triggers to always look Infront of camera

There is no such an option for built-in triggers. However, the “Object type” trigger type allows you to use any 3D scene object as a trigger. So, you can design your own triggers in the 3D modelling application, and by default these triggers won’t face the camera.

Yeah I was thought of that option also, but our material is already 100, we crossed the limit, if we add more materials then its problem in loading in phone right??

Increasing by just a few will not make much of a difference, if you have already 100 materials than increasing the number of materials by 5 is only a 5% increase. Naturally, each additional material decreases somewhat the performance, but the increase of just one material should not be noticeable.