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Can't change plan from standard to plus!

I am trying to change my plan from standard to plus. When I initiate a change plan on, I just get a popup sayong refresh the page in few minutes… Nothing happens. If i refresh the page, I am just taken back to This is frustrating actually. It should be a simple process…

Hello Shapespark team,
Looks like RBI guidelines is preventing to create a recurring transaction. How do I proceed now?
Citibank is recommending that I speak to merchant, that is you.
I had the same problem with adobe subscription yesterday and adobe customer care helped me to do the payment.

Hi Harsh.
We use Paddle ( as our payment provider. Could you ask them about your credit card issue? We can also offer you a longer and not recurring Plus plan, for example for 1 year or 6 months. Would it work for you?

I dont have a paddle account. I think you folks are better suited to do that.

can you cancel my current standard plan and refund. I will buy a new plus plan? I need this to bne reolved asap…any quick help will be appreciated.

Your plan has been canceled with refunding.

thanks. will update shortly…

Thanks for the quick help Tomek. I am on plus now.
I still suspect my bank in India will decline recurring payments unless Paddle subscribe to RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) guidelines for recurring payments…Pls do talk to them about this. They will definitely be aware of this.