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Can't teleport by oculus control in Vr Mode

I can teleport in Vr by oculus control before but now
Why can not teleport in VR by the oculus control .

Thank you so much.

Hi @dan.studio55-jp,

Are you using Oculus Touch controllers or Oculus Remote? If you have more than one controller connected, could you test buttons on all of the controllers.

Anyway, we will check it on our Oculus and get back to you tomorrow.

Hi @wojtek

I am using oculus touch .
It is fine when I try in game pad . But only oculus touch does not work.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @dan.studio55-jp,

We have fixed it and the update will be released on Thursday.

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Hi @wojtek
Got it .
Thank you very much.

@dan.studio55-jp, it should have been fixed. Could you check now?

Hi @wojtek
I have checked it .
It is fine .
Thank you very much for your support .