Can't upload to the cloud

Hi, I don’t know why I can’t upload files to the cloud

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me too
i have that error too. How to fix that error please

Do you have any antivirus program running and does it show any warnings related to Shapespark?

Recently we have released a new Shapespark version, and sometimes newly released Shapespark versions have problems with antivirus blocking some operations (such as texture conversions) due to high CPU or memory usage. These problems usually go away after some time when antivirus databases are updated.

I tried turning off my antivirus program but it still didn’t work. Some scenes can upload, some scenes don’t

After failed upload could you send a problem report from the Shapespark main window ‘Help & support’ tab? The program logs attached to the report should help to investigate the issue

We have found the source of the problem and are working on a bug fix release.

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thank you thank you so much

We’ve just rolled out Shapespark 2.8.1 which fixes this bug.

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