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Can't upload video as a texture in materials tab

Hello, I am trying to replace the material of a texture for a video and this error appears when importing the video.

Screenshot 2022-05-29 204707

The object on which you configure a video texture doesn’t have UV buffer to map the texture onto the geometry. To ensure UV is present, put any texture on this object in your 3D modeling program, update the scene and then in the Shapespark editor replace this texture with a video texture.

After using another texture the error message disappears but then the video is not displaying properly, showing long lines along the surface, I can see the screen changing colors and maybe is the result of the texture being stretched or something, sorry for the lack of a better explanation

Your placeholder texture have to be positioned and scaled on the TV screen in the same way as if it were the target video texture. So, make sure that one repetition of the placeholder texture fills the TV screen surface entirely (the texture is neither repeated nor cut on the TV screen).

Thank you very much!