Cant use fbx files from blender

I can save a fbx from blender and all the models show up but it doesnt matter how i save it i get no materials. If i use default fbx saving like it says i get no materials. If i use copy to copy materials to folders which works in unreal engine i still get no materials. Even when i use a simple pbr with nothing special added everything comes in white with no texture. If i try to import an obj all textures are red. Ive been rebuilding and resaving simple rooms for days and i can not get a single material to transfer to shapespark. I tried using simple bake to bake textures and that keeps locking up at 79% so thats not working either. When i open the shapepark project from the fbx i also dont have the options to load in the different images for the materials. Its acting like there never were any applied. It seems as if there is no way to use this software even close to easily if you arent on sketchup up 3dsmax. More an more people have moved to blender and you have zero support for blender which is a shame.

Can you please try the settings I mentioned here: What are the requirements for blender's materials? Can I use only parameter materials without textures? Export FBX? - #4 by magda