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Change avatar face video to picture

Hola @wojtek y @jan
Como puedo poner una imagen en lugar de video en la cara del avatar de las reuniones?

Resulta que he estado probando colocarme los lentes de realidad virtual dentro de las reuniones, pero evidentemente no puedo proyectar video, Ono tiene sentido. En lugar de eso quisiera colocar una foto de mi rostro para que los otros me reconozcan fácilmente, como puedo hacer eso?


Hi @wojtek and @jan
How can I put an image instead of video on the avatar’s face in meetings?

It turns out that I have been trying to put virtual reality glasses inside the meetings, but obviously I can’t project video, it doesn’t make sense. Instead I would like to place a picture of my face so that others can easily recognize me, how can I do that?


@jorgearq, unfortunately there is no such a feature in Shapespark.

However, if you need a static avatar image just for yourself, not for all the participants, you could use a virtual camera tool that generates a video stream from a static image, and choose the virtual camera as the camera device in the Shapespark meeting.

We haven’t tested it ourselves, but it looks that the OBS Virtual Cam plug-in for OBS mentioned in: gratis - Fake Virtual Camera and Microphone for Windows - Software Recommendations Stack Exchange should do the job. If you’d like to give it a try there is even a YouTube tutorial how to set it up: OBS: Use as a Virtual Camera [Updated] | OBS for Zoom, Discord, Skype etc. - YouTube

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Gracias @wojtek, uso habitualmente OBS así que lo probaré pronto y traeré mis comentarios al respecto apenas pueda.

Thanks @wojtek, I regularly use OBS so I will try it soon and bring my comments on it as soon as I can.

update: works perfect! :star_struck: thanks :arrow_down: