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Change default folder location

Hello, Is there a way to change de default location of the Shapespark Documents Folder to another place, like another drive for example?

Is it possible to add this option?


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It is possible, you need to place a file called config.json in the C:\Users\<YOUR-USER>\AppData\Roaming\Shapespark directory. With the following content:

  "scenesDir": "c:\\Users\\<YOUR-USER>\\Desktop\\Shapespark"

Please modify the path in this file to point to your desired scenes directory. Use double back-slashes \\ between directory names.

After adding this file, restart Shapespark. If you don’t see any errors, you can move your existing scenes from Documents\Shapespark to the new location.



The config.json file was already present in my case. When I added your line of code and saved it, and restarted Shapespark, it says that config.json file is corrupt. Please remove it and start again.

Can you please let me know a fix for this.


Hi, could you share on the forum or send us your config?

Hi @jan
I experienced the same problem when I tried to change the path.

This is the original one:

“devices”: [
“CUDA_GeForce GTX 1080_0000:41:00”

I added your lines


I also tried it with additional brackets but always get an error message.

The JSON format requires each config entry except the last one to have a trailing comma, so you need to add a comma after the ]:

 “devices”: [
    “CUDA_GeForce GTX 1080_0000:41:00”
  "scenesDir": "e:\\Shapespark"

Works now!
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @jan,

It worked for me too !