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Change material texture after the scene is loaded

Is it possible to change the texture of the material after the scene is loaded?
Material Picker is working well for changing materials when you need just a few of them.
But what if you would like to have 100 or more textures? Loading them all on the scene init would not be the optimal solution. In reality I would just need to update the texture image of certain material without changing any other material’s properties.
I understand that this may not be supported currently, but is there any documentation or at least some hints on how to do it programmatically?

This is something that we plan to support soon, hopefully end of June. Currently you won’t be able to do it programmatically, we need to expose such operations first.

We also aim to document the available API operations, until now this API was used mostly internally. The documentation will be available in this repository: (we started this week, but within a few days more functions will be documented there).

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Thank you, Jan.
That sounds very promising.
I discovered Sharp Spark last week and blown away with the photo-realism of the end result.
Having the access to the API would open a lot of doors for many developers, sounds very exciting.
I appreciate your quick response.